Helpful Videos

What is the Looksee Checklist? 1:02

Learn how the Looksee Checklist guides you through your child’s development.

How to use the Looksee Checklist 1:03

Learn the three simple steps to using the Looksee Checklist.

How does the Looksee Checklist reach all families? 2:11

Discover what makes the Looksee Checklist accessible to everyone

What is the Looksee Checklist Illustrated Edition? :54

An easy-to-use, developmental tool designed to improve comprehension, making it more accessible to parents who may have limited English literacy. 

Why use the Looksee Checklist? 4:14

The Looksee checklist is a simple tool to help you monitor your child’s development.

I've done the Looksee Checklist, now what? 6:22

The Looksee Checklist is a tool for you to monitor your child’s development. But after you have completed it, what’s next? The valuable information you now have about your child is important to share.

Why Parents use the Looksee Checklist Online :24

Learn why parents are using the online version of the Looksee Checklist to help their child reach their potential.

Why do Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) use the Looksee Checklist? :25

Early Childhood Educator, Heidi Madsen, speaks on why she uses the Looksee Checklist.