Helpful Webinars

Make the most of the Looksee Checklist with a series of helpful webinars that explore our most frequently requested topics. Each webinar is less than 30 minutes and is suitable for individuals or teams that work with the 0–6 population (health care, child care, drop-in programs, post-secondary, school settings etc.).

Available individually or as a bundle for Single Users (1 week access) or for Teams (1 year access, handouts, certificates, sample checklist, etc.).

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Introduction to the Looksee Checklist
Introduction to the Looksee Checklist

Discover why the Looksee Checklist is the ideal option for monitoring child development for those working with the 0–6 population.

  • Key features and formats
  • Development of the checklist
  • Benefits of monitoring
  • Administration
Parents and Community Partnerships
Parents and Community Partnerships

Explore opportunities for using the Looksee Checklist to partner with parents and community programs.

  • Using the Looksee checklist in a variety of settings and programs
  • Using the Looksee Checklist to support community partnerships and transitions
Areas of Development
Areas of Development

Gain a deeper understanding of the areas of child development over the age range on the Looksee Checklist.

  • Description of areas of development over the age range
  • Video examples of skills
  • The overlap of skills
  • Observing, prompting, and demonstrating
Engaging Parents
Engaging Parents

Explore how to share the results of the Looksee Checklist with parents by using effective communication styles to develop a trusting relationship.

  • Effective communication styles
  • Developing a positive relationship with parents
  • Strategies for sharing the results of the Looksee Checklist
All 4 Helpful Webinars
All 4 Helpful Webinars

This bundle contains all four of our Helpful Webinars:

  • Introduction to the Looksee Checklist
  • Parents and Community Partnerships
  • Areas of Development
  • Engaging Parents

Training & Webinars

Half and full-day interactive workshops tailored to your specific group are also available! Please contact our Office Administrator at or 1-888-582-0944 for more information.