Looksee Checklist at-a-glance

The Looksee Checklist is an easy-to-use developmental tool that features a short list of “yes” or “no” questions about a child’s abilities with tips to help them grow.


Handful of yes-or-no questions.


Can be completed in minutes.

No Scoring

Easy-to-use for everyone.

14 Ages

From 1 month to 6 years.

Conversation Starter

Encourages discussion.

Tips & Activities

To help a child grow.


Follows immunization.


When it's time for the next one.


Available in multiple formats.


Helping children for 30+ years.


Created in North Bay, ON.

Well Baby Visit

Part of Ontario's enhanced 18-month well baby visit

What is the Looksee Checklist?
How to use the Looksee Checklist
Download the free 18-month checklist
For Parents
Per Child
  • 14 checklists
  • Tips & activities
  • Email notifications
  • Fully illustrated questions
  • Download and print completed checklists
For Professionals
Unlimited Children
  • 14 checklists
  • Tips & activities
  • Email notifications
  • Download and print all available languages
  • Switch between two views—one question at a time or the entire checklist at once.