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Introduction to the Looksee Checklist

Discover why the Looksee Checklist is the ideal option for monitoring child development for those working with the 0–6 population.

  • Key features and formats
  • Development of the checklist
  • Benefits of monitoring
  • Administration

Parents and Community Partnerships

Explore opportunities for using the Looksee Checklist to partner with parents and community programs.

  • Using the Looksee checklist in a variety of settings and programs
  • Using the Looksee Checklist to support community partnerships and transitions

Areas of Development

Gain a deeper understanding of the areas of child development over the age range on the Looksee Checklist.

  • Description of areas of development over the age range
  • Video examples of skills
  • The overlap of skills
  • Observing, prompting, and demonstrating

Engaging Parents

Explore how to share the results of the Looksee Checklist with parents by using effective communication styles to develop a trusting relationship.

  • Effective communication styles
  • Developing a positive relationship with parents
  • Strategies for sharing the results of the Looksee Checklist

Single User option includes:

  • One week access

Team option includes:

  • 1 year unlimited access to webinar(s)
  • Handouts for note taking
  • Certificate of completion for each webinar
  • Sample of the 18 month Looksee Checklist
  • Ability to manage staff access